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    The Edible Food Forest 

                                                     (Agro-ecologic technic for everyone) (for any climate)


Gather on the same zone Fruit Trees, Shrubs and Vegetables,

distributed according to their specificities and organized to share sun, water and nutriments and create a synergy.

--After design & Plantation, the biggest of the work is to harvest :
  • Fruits, walnuts, berries,
  • Perpetual plants & vegetables, perenials
  • Aromatics, Medicinals
  • Mushrooms

 Recreate the layers of the forest.

  • No chemicals
  • No plowing, No seeding, No weeding
  • No watering ( rainwater stored, disseminated, infiltrated naturally)
  • Restores rural / peri-urban landscapes and Biodiversity.


With an « Edible Food Forest », once designed and created the biggest of the work is to harvest.


Our mini Food Forest in France : 

 We are building actually our micro Food Forest at Amiens,

close to the amazing « Bay of the Somme » and the Great War Battlefields of the Somme, (Picardy).


Mini Food Forest + Greenhouse, (in total: 300 m²)

A greenhouse, in the middle of a simplified mini Food Forest,

(easy to create for everyone)

(in total: 300 m²)


The "Elzeard Project" in video (Bases for worldwide project) : 




Another way of thinking :

  • Work with the nature rather than against it.
  • Do not eliminate a species 
  • Add the being lacking link to regulate the ecosystem
  • Associate the complementary/partner plants
  • Each elements performs many functions
  • Each important function is supported by many elements


Soon open to the public and to the Hosts (Wwoofers).

For the sensitization to the agroecology

and to the importance of the small farmers

for the employment, health and planet.


European Economic Community should support the small farmers,

should really invest for the agro-ecological transition and stabilize agricultural prices on the markets.



Agro-Ecology & sustainable Agriculture :

Stop the chemical eradication and discover Agro-ecology near at home.


Agro-ecology can protect the life, the climate, the employment, the biodiversity, people and can feed the planet…


INRA and Agro-pari-Tech are on the way to demonstrate that their agro-ecological systems-principles of production allow to create a full-time decent employment, for a person, (with only 1000-1500 m2  of culture).


Agro-ecology begins with a good management of the water and moisture in the ground :

Here some principles & techniques from Sepp Holzer (from his book "Desert or Paradise" ):

                                    « Recreate Complete aquatic landscapes » 


Agro-ecology can also develop in urban zones, outer-urban :

Agro-ecology is also to let & help the others to build their autonomy…and Food sovereignty.

Later, we hope to create also a  documentation center  (gift for local farmers : Books, DVD, technical and botanical manuals) here... and elsewhere...


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